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How to Disable Always On Display on Galaxy S7 Edge

Posted in Galaxy S7 Edge Tips11 months ago • Written by Brett KennedyNo Comments

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge delivers new features as a mobile newcomer, the feature named Always On Display. This feature can keep the phone screen on 24/7 in the lower the state power of black and white displays time, date, and battery life. For users, this feature gives the impression but for other users, these features are very disturbing, or they do not like it. You just need to disable Always On Display on Galaxy S7 Edge. Follow instructions below.

disable always on display on galaxy s7 edge

Steps to Disable Always On Display on Galaxy S7 Edge

For users of Galaxy S7 Edge, here we show how to turn on and turn off the Always On Display feature on the Samsung S7 Edge.

  • So as not to disturb you. Point to Settings and select “Display” option as the last set us directions.
  • Select the option “Always On Display.”
  • Swipe the top to turn it off or head down and adjust them as you want.

Also, Samsung also provides options for users to beautify smartphone screen display with screensavers, background images, calendar or even set a “sleep time” where always on display would not be in. Users can adjust the screen brightness when they use at night, or just it switches off.

One Handed Mode for Easy Use

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a wide screen with a size of 5.5 inches which may be too big for some people. However, you don’t need to worry about that because this phone has a one-handed mode that makes everything easier to achieve or even can shrink to a smaller screen size is more useful.

You can minimize the size of the original 5.5-inch screen into a 4.7-inch size that makes it easy to use with one hand. Even in this way you can move it to both sides of the hands of users. Here’s how to set it:

  • Settings > Tools > Advanced features > One-hand operation > and enable this.

After you finish set it, press three times and the screen will minimize to its size on the size of 4.7 inches as you want.