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Get to know the Edge Screen on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Posted in Galaxy S7 Edge Tips11 months ago • Written by Brett KennedyNo Comments

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has the look and design of a very special that sets it apart from other mobile phones. The edge of the screen in this phone has a smooth surface, but it is more than just a pretty design, it’s functional too. Different from the output of the previous Samsung galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S7 Edge is having the tip of a sloping screen. Things you should know that the edges of the screen also acts as an extra place to display information in a way that does not interfere with the rest of the screen. Here, we will inform you about the Edge screen on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge below.

edge screen on samsung galaxy s7 edge

Function of the Edge Screen on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

  • Edge Panels

Function of the S7 Edge phone provides many benefits to its users. They can create a shortcut from the applications they need or that they use regularly. Besides saving shortcuts they can also store tools with S7 Edge.

  1. The People edge, save menu favorite contacts that you normally use.
  2. Tasks edge, that serves as a repository of application shortcuts that you often need
  3. The panel of new information useful to facilitate you got the information from Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, calendar, weather and more.

If you feel bothered or do not require the panel, you can erase and replace it with another.

  • Edge Feed

In addition, this phone can also bring you a small display that contains information such as missed calls, messages or sport news about sports scores and other news updates. To see it you just have to slide up and down along the edges to move between feeds, including Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance and so on.

  • Edge Lighting

Just like the display on the previous Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S7 Edge screen display will be lit when there is an incoming call or message comes in. But when the phone is resting then that will be lit are the edges. In addition you can set the color that appears when there is an incoming call accordingly as you choose with different colors.