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How to Setup Do Not Disturb Mode on Galaxy S7 Edge

Posted in Galaxy S7 Edge Tips1 year ago • Written by Brett KennedyNo Comments

Have you ever felt annoyed by the sound of the phone ringing in the middle of the night or when you’re working? Of course some people have experienced these problems. When you’re sleeping, of course the sound of the phone ringing would disturb your sleep hours that resulted in your lack of sleep and feel tired on the next day. Besides that, if you are disturbed by the phone ringing from the notification that is not important when you’re working it will make your concentration is reduced.

Do Not Disturb mode on Galaxy S7 Edge

However, if you use S7 Galaxy Edge you can solve the problem by using the features of the Galaxy S7 Edge Do Not Disturb mode. This feature will certainly help you to overcome them. This feature will work properly and is suitable for the workplace, this feature serves to provide peace and quiet for a good night sleep for all its users. With the activation of this feature, you will no longer be disturbed by calls, texts at midnight or notifications that can wake you earlier. But don’t worry, you can make the exception so important people or friends still get through in case of emergency. To be able to setup Do Not Disturb mode on Galaxy S7 Edge, you can follow these steps:

Step to Activated and Setup Do Not Disturb mode on Galaxy S7 Edge

You can program Do Not Disturb to allow certain notifications (like an alarm), to be active during a certain point in the day (work time, or bedtime), or to allow notifications from a certain contact to still come through. This makes it a more appealing option than just muting your phone in certain cases.

  1. Open the Settings .
  2. Select Sound & vibration.
  3. Tap Do Not Disturb. From here you can set not disturb schedule .
  4. Tap Allow exceptions to ensure the alarm is still going and important people are not overlooked.

The instructions above will help you to setup Do Not Disturb mode on Galaxy S7 Edge. It will also allow you to quiet by your phone ringing.