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Simple Guide to Use Edge on Galaxy S7 Edge

Posted in Galaxy S7 Edge Tips1 year ago • Written by Brett Kennedy1 Comment

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge offers some advanced features compared with the other phones. For those of you who have it, you will undoubtedly feel or try any advanced features in it. For those of you who don’t know, we will show what are the advantages are contained in the Galaxy S7 Edge and Edge screens, panels, and features. Some of them will be very useful to you, but others are simply a shortcut to another application that is similar to the icon on the homescreen. This article will teach you how to use Edge on Galaxy S7 Edge.

use edge on galaxy s7 edge

Tips to Use Edge on Galaxy S7 Edge

  1. Panel Edge is a small white object near the right edge of the screen. By swiping open, then you will see everything on offer.
  2. There’s a People’s Edge, to the list of your favorite contacts. A swipe and tap you can make calls, instead of playing around with the phone application and contacts list.
  3. Edge Apps, where owners can put all their favorite applications. By swiping from the edge and continue swiping to go through all the panels.


By simply swiping the Edge, you will find what you want. This feature really makes the display becomes tidy. Moreover Edge only takes up almost half of the screen with a ton of useful content. With the Edge, there are many things that can be done here. We can add Yahoo! Sports scores and updates, Twitter feeds, stocks, calendar, weather, compass and even breaking news.

Besides that you also can move the panel to access to any place we want for example to tip to the left or to the bottom edge of the screen. Moreover you can also regulate the access panel into invisibility and more. There are many advantages that you can do with this advanced mobile phones and will not be limited.

image source: CNET