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How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

On occasions when your Galaxy S7 Edge getting a few troubles, a good choice is to try to factory reset your Galaxy S7 Edge. Another need to factory reset Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is to become a fresh begin on the phone. Regardless of factor, we will instructing you on the way to factory reset your Samsung S7 Edge.


Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


Before you start to reset your phone, you should know that the way to factory reset your S7 Edge to get a fresh start on your smartphone. If you don’t want to lose all your data and files that you have in your phone, it is important to note that before you go to the factory reset Galaxy S7 Edge, you should back up all the files and information to prevent data from being lost. To be able to back up the data you need to do is: Go to Settings > Backup & reset. Additionally, you can also use the backup application or service.

If you don’t want to read many words about how to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, you can scroll down all this article and watch video tutorial about this topic.


Steps to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Factory Reset a Working Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Go to the notification section of your Galaxy S7 Edge and choose the gear icon to bring up Settings. From your settings page, choose upon Backup and reset shown under User and Backup and select Factory data reset. Make sure anything important has been backed up then in the bottom of the screen choose Reset device. For the next screen, choose Delete all and wait for a process to finish and the your S7 Edge will be reboot.

Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge using Recovery Mode

In addition to overcome the problem of your phone becomes frozen, reset can also be very useful to solve other problems with phones like the touch screen unresponsive, there is a problem accessing the menu or maybe you forgot to lock your pattern, then you can still cope with the factory reset your Galaxy S7 Edge using hardware buttons. All you have to do is:

  • Power off your device.
  • Wait for a few seconds while your phone is shutting down.
  • Press and hold the Power, Volume Up and Home buttons simultaneously to get into Recovery mode. (read: how to get into Galaxy S7 edge recovery mode)
  • Use Volume keys to navigate and Power button to select an option in Recovery mode.
  • Once in, from the main menu, using Power key, select wipe data factory reset.
  • If you want to clear app data cache too, choose wipe cache partition. Clearing cache often fixes various software related issues.
  • When done, go back to main recovery menu.
  • Select reboot system now and that’s about it.

And when you have done these steps correctly, so your Galaxy S7 Edge will restart and you don’t have to worry anymore because everything will be deleted and will be ready to set up again.


Video Manual of How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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