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How to Fix Wireless Charging Not Working on Galaxy S7 Edge

Have you ever got trouble for charging the battery on your mobile phone? When we’re in situation that needed of the phone but the battery is weak, of course it makes us confused. With battery power is weak, it indicates that we can’t use the phone for a long time and certainly it can’t help us in our daily activities. However, if you use the Galaxy S7 Edge you can solve these problems and you don’t need to worry anymore. Galaxy S7 Edge has the best features that can allow users to charge the batteries quickly and easily, the feature is wireless charging.

You should know that there is the great thing about wireless charging Galaxy S7 tips is you can quickly charge your phone without having to worry about wires or are beyond the reach of resources, but besides that when the pad charging does not work of course you can’t make the battery charge quickly. However, lately some users have complained that the wireless charging not working on Galaxy S7 Edge so it is difficult for them. You don’t need to worry, in this article we will explain you how to resolve the problem.

If you don’t want to read many words about how to fix Wireless Charging Not Working Problem on your Samsung S7 Edge, you can scroll down all this article and watch video manual about this topic.


Fix Wireless Charging Not Working on Galaxy S7 Edge


In order to fix the wireless charging that can’t work on the Galaxy S7 Edge, you must turn off the feature “Sleep” on the phone and replace it with a feature “Daydream”. For those of you who don’t know how to activate it, you can follow these steps:


Guide to Fix Wireless Charging Not Working on Galaxy S7 Edge

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’
  2. Select the ‘View’
  3. Select in ‘Daydream’
  4. To ensure that Daydream feature is enabled, select your desired visual Daydream
  5. Tap on the ‘More’ in the upper right corner
  6. Tap in the ‘Select when daydreaming’
  7. After that make sure that ‘While Filling’ or ‘Both’ is turned on


Alternative Galaxy S7 Edge Wireless Charging Solution

Besides these ways, there are other ways that you can use to overcome this problem and of course this way is very easy even though it will not always be successful, but you can try it. Many other users suggested to use a shorter cable, so you can buy or use a short USB cable which you already have before.


Video Manual of How Fix Wireless Charging Problem on Galaxy S7 Edge

How to Fix Wireless Charging Not Working on Galaxy S7 Edge updated: October 20, 2018 author: Nick Jackson

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