Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

How to Improve Performance Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Sometimes our cellphones work very slow since too many applications in it. But the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have several ways to overcome them. Usually, most of the people delete of an application that appears to slow it down on the phone. There is a hidden trick for you to solve the problem. To...

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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Black Screen Problem

When the user finds that their smartphone screen has a black screen and nothing appears after you restart the phone, of course it will make users become panicked and confused and they will think if their phone is really broken or not. Some users Galaxy S7 Edge also complained that they were also...

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How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

On occasions when your Galaxy S7 Edge getting a few troubles, a good choice is to try to factory reset your Galaxy S7 Edge. Another need to factory reset Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is to become a fresh begin on the phone. Regardless of factor, we will instructing you on the way to factory reset your...

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