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Simple Guide to Use Edge on Galaxy S7 Edge + Video Manual

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge offers some advanced features compared with the other phones. For those of you who have it, you will undoubtedly feel or try any advanced features in it. For those of you who don’t know, we will show what are the advantages are contained in the Galaxy S7 Edge and Edge...

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How To Start Galaxy S7 Edge In Safe Mode

Did you ever get your Samsung S7 smartphone often frozen, reset repeatedly or other problems often arise? If you often experience these problem, your phone may be filled with a wide variety of applications so that it causes the phone to be heavy work or can also be caused by other problems....

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How to Root Galaxy S7 Edge Using CF-Auto-Root

Rooting Android smart phones allow customers to accessibility, modify and also customize the look and feel and functions of the device. Samsung GalaxyS7 Edge powered by Snapdragon 820 and include locked boot-loader, so that it is a little bit harder to root that device. In case you own a...

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How to Fix Wireless Charging Not Working on Galaxy S7 Edge

Have you ever got trouble for charging the battery on your mobile phone? When we’re in situation that needed of the phone but the battery is weak, of course it makes us confused. With battery power is weak, it indicates that we can’t use the phone for a long time and certainly it can’t help...

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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Black Screen Problem

When the user finds that their smartphone screen has a black screen and nothing appears after you restart the phone, of course it will make users become panicked and confused and they will think if their phone is really broken or not. Some users Galaxy S7 Edge also complained that they were also...

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How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

On occasions when your Galaxy S7 Edge getting a few troubles, a good choice is to try to factory reset your Galaxy S7 Edge. Another need to factory reset Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is to become a fresh begin on the phone. Regardless of factor, we will instructing you on the way to factory reset your...

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